Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finished Object Disaster

Well, it was bound to happen sometime, right?

I screwed up the Tomten sweater. In a big way.

I kept thinking while I was doing it that the sleeves seemed kinda small. But I figured it was just I am not used to looking at baby stuff.

I was seaming the sleeves this morning and knew they just weren't right. *sigh*

The light bulb went off in my head.

I double checked the pattern.

Sure enough. The sleeves say to decrease every 4 ridges. And I thought that was every 4 rows. So it is half the length it should be. *sigh*

In theory, I could rip back the sleeves and just redo the sleeves. But that isn't the only problem with the tomten. I was learning how to do two color work (technically, intarsia, but honestly, not that complex). I didn't realize there was a specific method to follow. So I was wrapping the yarn pretty haphazardly. So I made a mess of the front of the sweater. I wasn't happy with it as it was anyhow. I kept debating just pulling it all out but couldn't bring myself to do it.

I think the sleeves are just a sign to start over. I can do a much better piece and it will be something I won't be embarrassed to give away. *sigh*

Live and learn. Live and learn.

The good news is that I have time to get it done before Xmas. It only took about a week and a couple days to finish this one. And I have vacation starting Friday. So I will be off work. That gives me even more knitting time.

I have to confess. I haven't done squat with Jennifer's xmas socks. Then again, we haven't scheduled a time when we are going down to celebrate Xmas. So I know I have until at least mid-January to get those done.

I will cast on a new Tomten sweater today. I am hoping to spend my lunch with a coworker helping her learn to knit. I have already taught her some things. Thing is, one of her kids pulled her knitting off the needles. So I need to get it back on the needles for her.

I wish I had some extra circulars to lend her. I really do agree with Kelly at Knitpicks. They are great even for learning students. I listened to the podcast 28 which was about sharing the love yesterday.

Though I disagree completely about not having people start with a project. I *hate* not feeling like I am working towards something. I would rather have it be a mess, but doing something rather than working on something only to rip it all out. I love my sampler scarf. I love that I can see my evolution in knitting in it. I like having a project rather than nothing when I am done.

I think people differ a lot in what style of learning works for them. So it is never one size fits all. *smile*

Ah well. I have to get some work done today. Especially as I am taking off Friday through the New Year! Means lots of knitting time. *grin*

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