Monday, October 29, 2007

Top Down Cardigan Pattern

There is a site called that has a free Top Down Cardigan Pattern.

Though I admit, I dislike it that the site requires a credit card to get the pattern. They don't charge anything to the card, but still. I really don't like giving out the info.

Their patterns are set up so you can create a custom piece with some measurements & gauge. It will then allow you to calculate how many stitches to cast on, etc..

I have put it into a Word document that is linked to an Excel spreadsheet. I figure this is much easier than having to do the calculations each time. I suspect it might be useful, so I would share it.

I think I have set it all up correctly. But please, if you give it a try and see an error, let me know.

The Word document is linked with the spreadsheet. So you will have to have both the Word document & the spreadsheet for it to work correctly.

You might need to reset the links. I know Office is fussy about the locations.

Custom Top Down Raglan Sweater Word Doc

Custom Top Down Pullover Sweater Word Doc

Top Down Sweater Spreadsheet

I should see if I can create a pdf to handle the entire thing. However, I am really not up for tinkering with it any more today. I do loathe MS Office. But it was the quickest way I could think of to do it.

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