Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Payday Splurge

I did splurge today as it is payday.

Someone on a dyeing board suggested that I probably won't have issues with superwash wool because of how it is treated. I had my doubts about it. But I picked up the Schaefer Lola yarn at Rhinebeck. I tested it out and it seems fine. Woohoo. So I am going to cast on some socks with that tonight or tomorrow.

I ordered from two companies to see if I like their yarns. I got a skein of Socks That Sock Mediumweight in Atomic 6. I have heard such cooing over STR. I also saw some at Rhinebeck and I do like it a lot. (I didn't want to wait in the Fold line when I knew I could get it online for the same price...)

I am trying two of Lisa Souza's yarns in Mars Quake & Wild Things. The pics on Wild Things don't do it justice. I found some on Flickr that are good like this one. They are beautiful colors.

I wanted to get one skein in Sock and the other in Sock Merino. But she only had the Wild Thing in Sock. It would have taken about a week before she could have sent it out. So I think I am getting both in Sock. I would have liked to try the 100% superwash. But I am excited to get it sooner. *smile*

Time to scoot! I need to get on the train before the Halloween madness begins!

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