Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Event to Check Out

There is an Etsy Truck Show on Friday, Nov. 16th. It is in Brooklyn. I might need to go. I do love Etsy.

The start of my work conference was shifted from Monday, Nov. 26th to Tuesday, Nov. 27th. I was excited as I thought it meant I could hit the first day of the Smiley Yarn sale in Manhattan. No such luck. That is Tuesday - Saturday. Ah well.

I did get to the one in NJ. But it is a lot smaller than the Manhattan one. So I would still love to hit the one in the city. Might have to beg Paul to go and see if he can get some Lana in navy. I want to make some mittens with it but I need a contrasting color to the stuff I already got. And the yarn is discontinued. *sigh*

Ah well. I know, I have enough yarn, right? Nah... never. *grin*

1 comment:

Alpaca Granny said...

I hope you let me know what the Trunk show is like if you go. I sent some yarn and alpaca samples in plastic bags with my card.