Monday, October 1, 2007

Books I Want to Live In & Other Babble

A few of the knitting podcasts talk about books you want to live in. Not necessarily books you want to knit the patterns, but they look great. I think I want to live in Scottish Highland Knits. I suspect Paul would love most of these items. I suspect in reality they would be too scratchy for me, so the fantasy is better. *grin*

I have to pick up some Knitpick needles. I need size 1s for the bamboo yarn so I can cast on those socks. And Knitpicks has some great prices on their needles. Debating if I need anything else from them.

I keep thinking about getting enough yarn for a cardigan. I really want to make a black cardigan. But I keep coming back to the price. *sigh* So far, I can't see doing it for less than $40 with any yarn I want to use. While that is reasonable, I just don't know about that right now. On the flip side, I have next week off. So maybe I could get started on that which would be very cool.

I might just wait for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival on the 20th. Problem with that is that as the name states, it will mostly be wool. And while that is great for knitting for other folks, it isn't great for me. But I can always see. I think I am good with alpaca, so I might find some stuff I like.

I still need to knit up the superwash wool to see how I respond to it. I have been told that most people with wool allergies can use superwash wool because of how it it treated. I am not sure honestly. But my mother in law was sweet enough to give me the leftover sock yarn she had from an present she has completed. If it doesn't irritate me, it will open up a lot of possibilities.

I did go to the Smiley sale in NJ this week. It wasn't 1/4th the size of the Manhattan sale last year. *sigh* So I am disappointed with that. But the Manhattan one is the week I am at conference. So I can't make it.

I did get some cheap yarn. But most of it is largely for using for tying up stuff for dyeing. And the remainder will work well for baby items & charity stuff. It is mainly acrylic stuff. I only got one bag that was wool. That is for some mittens. But it is for a fair isle pattern I want to try. So I need another yarn to go with it. Ah well.

I am hoping to get some dyeing done while I am on vacation. I ordered some more bamboo yarn as I love the feel. I am debating doing up a batch for my sister-in-law Jennifer to make her some socks for Xmas.

Though I am also trying not to take on too much Xmas knitting. I am only about 2/3rds done with Kyle's Xmas scarf. And Paul's socks aren't anywhere near done.

I also have a cupcake purse for my niece that I haven't started yet. But that one is really a quickie project. I am probably going to knit it at work with a coworker. She wants to learn to knit. I offered to teach her and she picked up a cupcake kit as well. So I can do it with her.

I need to get some things done. Back to work for me.

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