Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bruise Socks Complete

I am happy! The bruise socks are complete. I am wearing them right now!

I think it was a sign that I waited on the photos. I stopped off at Crumbs on the way home. They had a chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting that MATCHED MY SOCKS!!! *laugh*

Bruise Socks & Crumbs Cupcake

Bruise Socks & Crumbs Cupcake

Don't worry. These pics were taken *before* I put the socks on. *grin*

And actually, I got the chocolate with chocolate cupcake. Paul got the raspberry one. *grin* But I love that they are the same color.

Here is more pics of the socks. They are out of the first batch of yarn I dyed! I am pretty happy with the way they came out.


Elann Esprit Natural that was dyed with Dharma Fiber Reactive Dyes


Basic Sock Pattern from "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns" by Ann Budd. I love the patterns as they can vary for a wide range of gauge & size.

Front View:

Bruise Socks - Front View 2

Bruise Socks - Front View

Side View:

Bruise Socks - Side View


Bruise Socks - Flat

Bruise Socks - Flat

Definitely fun. Three pairs of socks are done. Woohoo!

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