Monday, September 10, 2007


Daaaaaammmmmnnnnnnn! *in my best impersonation of Jim Broadbent as Prince Albert* (Name that reference without IMDB. *grin*)

I have been having a lot of fun with Chore Wars as my 'party' is the one set up by Lime & Violet. So I can enter knitting stuff and level my character. Yes. It is ubergeeky. And I love it. *laugh*

So I went to enter my evening knitting on Friday. I want to show Paul as a fellow geek. I am entering some stuff. He looks. All is fine. Then I enter another hour of knitting. Then Paul looks again. What does he see? My lunch time knitting which says "Sock for the hubbin for Xmas".


So he knows I am knitting him socks. *pout* I am not even sure I will finish these for Xmas. I really thought I would be further along as I bought the yarn in June... But I only have an inch done of the cuff. Long saga but there has been a bunch of things that slowed me down (including a lot of frogging).

Mostly I have only been knitting them once a week at my WW meeting so there is only about 15-30 minutes of knitting a week. I kinda figured I would have to start taking them on the train during the week to get them done if there were going to be finished for Xmas. *sigh*

But now he knows. *pout* Told him he may not get them this xmas. Of course, he is saying I should just give them to him for his birthday so I can bring it home! *laugh*

I still am not sure he will actually like it. The colors are right, blues & greys. Ideal colors for him. But he says he doesn't wear striped socks. I got the Opal Rainforest Frog from Also, he is always warm so wool is probably not a great solution either. *pout*

Ah well. He knows. So I guess I gotta get my tush in gear on these.


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