Monday, September 24, 2007

Afghans for Afghans Hat Done

The Afghans for Afghans hat is done. I just put it into the mail today. So it should get there by the Oct. 12th deadline.

Knit according to the 3-12 months pattern, but looks bigger. Or babies are bigger that I think? *grin* I am not sure.



Bought as School Products on a cone. Cone says New Relax Bordeaux. Seems to be a worsted weight.


Size 7 Knitpicks Option circular in 32" - knit in magic loop

Pretty easy pattern. Might do it again if I want another hat. The twist is very simple but attractive.

Side View:

Afghans for Afghans Hat - Side View

Top View:

Afghans for Afghans Hat - Top View

Pic on Bear:

Afghans for Afghans Hat - on Bear

My teddy bear Bear making his modeling debut. He is a good sized bear (about 16" high seated and a pretty thick head). Paul insists that Bear needs his own hat as this one looked so good on him. *grin*

Started Tuesday, September 18th. Completed Saturday, Sept. 22.

Wow. Probably the fastest I have every completed a project.

Very quick project. Pattern is very easy & the twists provide some interest without being too time consuming.

I am definitely happy with this one. Only thing was I goofed on a row. I knit the same row twice of a 2 row repeat. However, I just sorta fudged it. It looked like stockinette. So I added the garter bumps. I am hoping it isn't very noticeable.

Feels good getting it done and shipped. Hooray.

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